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The ideal realisation of your kitchen

As professionals, we have a feel for what a kitchen should be like for it to become the perfect part of a home, giving pleasure to its users. Kitchens have a central position in every home. Werder kitchens can help you to make the best out of them.

Kitchen ideas and sketches

Even if you just have a rough idea of what your new kitchen should look like, you have come to the right place. Our planning discussions open up the whole range of possibilities and help you to focus on what is essential. We make a few first drafts and some rough initial calculations. Customers’ wishes become more tangible when they visit our showroom in Cham: this is where the individual lines can be examined more closely, different kitchen fronts compared with one another, worktop designs tested and initial details clarified.

Design & offers

When your dream kitchen starts to take shape, we can start to make it even more tangible. This involves using all the tricks and functions of state-of-the-art 3D visualisation methods to be able to show you the kitchen with all its materials and colours as realistically as possible. You will be amazed at just how precisely our representation corresponds to the real kitchen when it is finished. The overall picture naturally includes as clear an offer as possible which we will be happy to put to you in detail on a second visit to the showroom.

Production and implementation of the new kitchen

The modern kitchen consists of an entire range of components that we get made for you in top quality. Werder kitchens works with leading kitchen furniture producers in the German-speaking market. Today’s industrial processes guarantee a precision and quality that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether your kitchen fronts are to be high-gloss or feature trowelled-on material (the current trend), have special veneers or exceptional formats, everything is delivered in perfection by industry. We combine these methods of production with our craftsmanship as carpenters which is brought to bear with special wood features and particularly in assembly. This means we have full access to top quality in all areas as we make every individual kitchen.

Project management and overall coordination

When a kitchen is being converted, craftsmen from other related professions are often needed. If required, Werder kitchens is happy to take on the overall management. As we do not work with the same team of craftsmen in each project, customers can decide themselves which companies they would like to work with. As overall project lead we can provide the necessary electricians, masons, tilers and plumbers, obtain individual offers and discuss workfow with you. We coordinate, supervise and accompany the individual processes and ensure adherence to the entire construction programme. You can rely on our accountability. Craftsmen appreciate having just one contact person on a building site.

Assembling your kitchen

It is an amazing moment when your new kitchen is actually delivered and then fitted. With its very own assembly team, Werder kitchens shows true expertise in this phase too. The professional carpenters are totally au fait with the procedures and take care of all fitting processes themselves – even when it comes to tricky stages involving working with granite and glass. This comprehensive process that can be offered by one source means the job can be carried out quickly and precisely. Werder kitchens are assembled in three to five days. Our fitters work precisely and leave no mess. You will not need to worry about dust, rubble and untidiness during fitting.

The finished kitchen

Once your kitchen is up and running and has successfully managed the first few days of operation, we come round once more for the official acceptance. We check that everything is perfect and working in the way that was originally specified. This is also when we explain to you the perfect way of working with individual appliances and give you tips on how best to clean them and on the general upkeep of your new kitchen. Once you declare your satisfaction with the kitchen and the official acceptance is over, you are fully responsible for kitchen operation. But also have the pleasure of being able to enjoy it in entirety.

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Werder Küchen AG
Sinserstrasse 116
6330 Cham