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Werder Küchen AG
Sinserstrasse 116
6330 Cham

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  • Your kitchen hides behind our ideas

The perfect kitchen whatever your desire

Every new kitchen starts out with the dreams and requirements of its future users. And these can be very different depending on the particular situation of the users. Werder kitchens caters to your wishes and ideas and devises a customised project. You should feel comfortable and relaxed in your kitchen and be able to work there happily. Which is why we plan and fit the kitchen you have been wanting for a long time.

From one source – precise and fast!

Modern kitchen building is like doing a jigsaw puzzle where lots of individual elements have to be put together perfectly to create a harmonious whole. This is what Werder kitchens does day in, day out while never losing sight of the overall picture. We are not just masters of carpentry but also know how to implement granite and incorporate glass – items that often feature in an everyday modern kitchen. With us, you can rest assured that all processes are taken care of by one source. This increases precision and enables seamless working. No surprise that we are some of the fastest workers.

Expertise in alteration – with everything that entails

Alterations and renovations are genuine challenges in fitting kitchens: the very different floor plans necessitate adapted solutions. And even in the tightest of spaces, speedy work is of the essence. Werder kitchens knows what you have to watch out for during alterations. We have outstanding building/assembling organisation which enables us not only to carefully put in your kitchen but also to take care of everything else a new kitchen entails.

Showroom and workshop in Cham

Every Werder kitchen is unique. This is why we exhibit 10 show kitchens over the 270 square metres of our showroom representing a wide range of kitchen styles, design ideas, colour and material combinations. We also provide you with an overview of the latest generation of kitchen appliances.

Our showroom is set out to show you very specific and vital kitchen worlds. You can experience the various kitchens, go into them and touch what you see. This is also where your individual kitchen gradually takes shape. And in dialogue with our team of kitchen planners, you will see exactly what your kitchen could look like when it is finished.

Visit our kitchen showroom in Cham.


Werder Küchen AG
Sinserstrasse 116
6330 Cham